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W I N G S   FOR  T R I K E S
Building a trike and looking for a suitable wing? Already having a trike but the wing you have does not satisfy you for any reason? You are trikes manufacture looking for a supplier of wings? You are at the right site!

Because our wings for trikes mean:
  • safety of your flights

    Our wings are among the world's most reliable ones. It's sufficient to say that in 1999 Mike Blyth covered about 43000 km on a trike with our Stream wing! The history of this voyage see at www.trike-expeditions.com

    Every wing is carefully assembled, tested in flight and tuned by our most experienced test-pilots.

    Working in the Ultralight Aircraft Department of Antonov Design Bureau, a group of our engineers participated in development of the USSR's first serial trike that has undergone state tests.

  • satisfaction of the most varied demands

    Extensive experience of designing hang gliders allowed our specialists to develop a wide range of wings for trikes of all weights. Agricultural applications and air promenade, patrolling and passenger or load transportation to hard-to-reach places, training or flights for fun... No matter what the reason for your becoming airborne, we'll offer you the best suitable wing for your specific purpose.

  • minimum problem at adaptation to existing trike designs

    Remarkable feature of our wings is a variety of designs for different hang point junction types and control frame height. When ordering a wing for your trike, just choose a design suitable for you. This will save your time and money.
WARNING! Trike wing is a component part of a trike design and cannot be used without adjustment with the trike by hang point junction, control frame height and control bar location.

Placement of wings without the respective adjustment to the trike's architecture can be DANGEROUS!

Now let's have a more close look at AEROS's trike wings.

Aeros 2 with PROFI TL wing

The AEROS factory has no rivals in the world as to its technical level, range of manufactured flying equipment and accessories. Being flexible and open to customization, we utilize an individual approach to every customer, AEROS is able to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding consumers, taking into consideration the wishes and possibilities of the customer. To have a reference point for the beginning of the trike order specification, 2 basic models are being offered today: Aeros 2 trike and the Cross Country trike.

By taking one of our basic models as a reference, you can order either just the trike, the trike with an engine, or a complete trike ready-to-fly, including a wing, a rescue system, and instruments, flight tested by AEROS factory pilots. You can also order a trike as a kit for assembling it yourself, this is how our trikes are supplied to the USA.


You'll find no prices are quoted here, as this fully depends on the order, and the price range is very wide depending on what you are ordering. At Aeros we will custom-build a trike to your specifications.

AEROS engineers have designed a range of engine mounts for mounting the following engines applied for ultralights: Rotax 503, Rotax 582, Rotax 912, BMW, Subaru.

ROTAX 503UL ROTAX 582E ROTAX 912UL BMW 1150 BMW 1150

BMW engine on trike Aeros 2

Click to see the instruments' functions

Brauniger AlphaMFD electronic instruments block

If a customer wants to have some other engine mounted, a new engine mount can be designed for him. The "Aeros 2" trike with Rotax 503 and Rotax 582 is known at the US market as the Venture 500 and the Venture 600. A Venture report by Dan Johnson has been published in the Ultralight Flying of May 2000.

Utilizing a professional approach of aircraft engineering, the application of certified materials and up-to-date technologies are the domineering characteristics of all AEROS products. The load-carrying frame of our trike is made of rectangular tubes of aircraft alloy D16T 60 x 40 x 2 reinforced by a rectangular tube 54 x 34.5 x 2; the seat frame is made of the tube D16T 32 x 2.5. All load-carrying fittings are made according to aircraft technologies of tubes and plates of 30 HGSA steel. This work is done in close cooperation with the Antonov factory and Aviant Kiev plant.

The design of all basic models is elaborate, adjusted and ergonomic. For example, the folding pylon makes it possible to one person hang the wing on the trike without anyone's assistance. With the idea to increase reliability and safety there is a safety cable inside the pylon. The main landing gear of pyramidal shape combined with automobile shock absorbers makes it possible to fly from and land on unimproved fields, increases safety on rough landings, makes steering much more comfortable.

A trike with skies or floats is an option as well.

We, at Aeros can also offer various instruments installed on our trikes. Standard instruments include barometric instruments, variometer VAR 10, altimeter VD 10, speedometer US 150 and compass KI 13. We can also mount the engine unit monitoring instruments as follows: electric rpm meter, water temperature, cylinder head temperature, exhaust temperature indicators. This whole set can be replaced by the electronic unit manufactured by BRAUNIGER: IQ MOTOR or ALPHA MFD which will show all necessary data.

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