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Combat 09 - the new flex wing for top pilots is available now in all sizes!
Combat L 09

Aeros designers believed they could excel high glide and climb characteristics of Combat L 07 and they did it. It had taken more than two years of design efforts and test flights with different prototypes until the aim was achieved. And now for the 2010 season Aeros is happy to announce the serial production of new competition hang glider Combat 09 in all sizes range.

There have been added a new glider size of 09 series - Combat 09  13.2. The size of the new glider is 13.2 sq.m. which is right in the middle of Combat 12 and Combat 13.7. After flight tests we can claim that the performance of the new glider is slightly better than Combat 09 13 (13.7sq.m), with better climb rate. Measurements where done with the tail. Combat 09 13.2 seams to feel in the air and perform with the tail even better than without. The new glider has aspect ratio 8,05 maintaining the same wing span. Theoretically this means that the glider with more aspect ratio should have better low speed glide ratio. And it was proved during flight tests and international competitions.

What differs Combat 09 from its predecessor Combat L 07?

This time new hang glider is not just an improved modification, it has new sail and frame design. Totally new sail cut, new batten profiles, stiffer leading edge, stiffer and lighter keel – these are only the main innovations.

Having done the thorough test flights in Ukraine and Switzerland we can declare that Combat 09 has better performance and climbing abilities in comparison with Combat L 13 07. Although the Combat 09 has stiffer frame, the glider keeps soft Combat L 07 handling and good coordination. The landing characteristics are the same or slightly better than Combat L 07.

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