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Heavy-duty bag for hang gliders
This bag is the best way to protect your hang glider from getting wet, dirty and so on during transportation. You can also use this hd-bag as a temporary outdoor storage. The bag is made of waterproof and durable material.
Both ends of the bag are made of red fabric that is pretty visible.
The bag has two flaps - outer and inner. These flaps are intended to protect your hang glider from water and/or dust. Also, the outer flap protects the main zip from mechanical damages.
Although the flaps do their job very well, we strongly recommend to place this bag with the zip facing down.
There are two loops on both ends of the bag. So you can easily mount the "Oversize cargo" sign on either end of a bag.
To store this bag just fold it like "accordion" and...
put it into its case that complements the bag. The packed bag takes very little room and is easy to carry.
There is one transparent pocket on the case. So you may put, for example, an ID-card in it.
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